Last year the three of us (my wife, daughter and I) were invited to one of my wife’s friends wedding that was last Saturday. My wife died in September and the bride who was one of her best friends still wanted us to go and whilst my daughter and I were in two minds, we went. I know my wife would have wanted us to go and try to enjoy it, which we did in places although the groom did mention my wife in his speech which was a very nice touch but was also upsetting as reminded us both she wasn’t there to be with us.
I just feel a bit guilty as we went and enjoyed it in places. If the position were reversed I would have wanted her to go and not be sad sitting at home.


Hi @Timbo

I always tell myself my husband is with me each day, I know not physically but spiritually. By going to the wedding, you took your wife with you too. You did the right thing. xx

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@BarnCat thank you, that’s what I believe and others who were there said the same thing and she was there with us and will always be.

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Absolutely. Take care x

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You did your wife proud in going. Nothing to feel guilty about that I can see.

I know it can feel terrible when we laugh or seem ok but if we had been the ones who had gone we would hate our other halves to spend the rest of their lives being miserable.

My daughters and I added humorous bits in to my husband’s funeral as he had a great sense of humour and it wouldn’t have felt right not to.
I even printed out a poem called Pardon Me for Not Getting Up - or a tweaked version of it anyway.

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