Hello. I lost my mum on 23 February this year. She had been in hospital and then became unwell with something else and had to have emergency surgery. She was on life support after and in ITU. She never came back round. Dad and I had to make the most heartbraking decision to with draw treatment and let her go peacefully.
At the time i was dealing with this decision well but now im not. I keep thinking did we do the wright thing. Deep down i know we did but i cant stop second guessing myself .
Will this feeling ever go away and am i being to hard on myslef.
Many thanks


Hi @Claire23 First off i would like to welcome you to the site.

Having read your post it sounds like you did not only the right thing but the kindest thing.

What you have been through sounds absolutely awful and i think its perfectly natural to feel the way you do.

But dont blame yourself, your mum wouldnt want you to be unhappy.

Here if you want to talk

Stay strong x