My Dad passed away in July around 6 weeks ago now from pancreatic cancer aged 60. He had been diagnosed stage 4 15 months previously. The deterioration happened so quickly at the end, I’m still trying to get my head round what happened.

I was quite involved in going to all the hospital appointments, trying to find out new treatments available and helping decide which treatment options to go for. Now I can’t help going back over all the decisions we made and which I was very much a big player in these being a doctor myself and now thinking in hindsight we made some quite big wrong decisions and would the outcome be different had we gone down a different path. I’m feeling so bad and guilty over these and can’t seem to get past it to grieve properly.

Has anyone else felt like this?

Hi Joanna
I think we all feel some degree of guilt when we lose someone but it is important to remember we did what we did at the time because we felt it was the right decision and maybe put in a position where we had no other choices
My partner died on 30th june and i cant even begin to describe the pain, sadness and how lonely i feel. I think should i have pushed more spent more time been to more appointments and treatments but in the end i think result would inevitably been the same.
Please be kind to yourself and you did what your thought best at the time grief is hard enough without causing ourselves even more pain.
Take care
Carol x