Had enough

Hi everyone
I’m probably just going to sound like I’m just moaning
My wife passed away 9 weeks ago after having a fall and brakeing her leg unfortunately she passed away under the anesthetic I most say before I go on and say I’m sorry for the bad spelling
Ever since she passed I have had nothing but problems with the DWP they keep stopping me money telling me I’m still getting carers allowance which I’m not though I’d got it sorted now again this month stopping money again this time because I’m getting carers allowance and that I was sharing my home when I asked with who I was sharing they told me my wife
This month there stopping me £168 which leaves me about £475 which out of that I have to pay £354 rent out of what is left I have to to pay council tax gas electricity and food I was basically told by a member of staff to go beg for money and food what a wonderful life
I have to be honest and say that with all this lately I have been thinking that I have had enough I’m fed up with each day having to get up from the little bit of sleep I get to have get on the phone again
I will apologise to everyone for my moaning

Hello Pat. Please don’t apologise for the moaning. As if you haven’t enough going on, you have financial worries as well. I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. Hopefully there will be some with a better knowledge than I of benefits and things. Keep strong. xx


I would like to thank you for your understanding I’ve been finding it hard to deal with the the loss of my wife and also having to keep on every day fighting with the DWP as I think I said you can never really speak to anyone on the phone its all done by jounal and you can never get a straight answer from them I am finding it hard to cope some days
But tonight I have decided to make a official complaint to the DWP will have to wait and see if I can get a straight answer from them thank you again for listening to me

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HI, you could ring Age UK they can give advice on this sort of thing or make an appointment with citizens advice, either of these places may speak to the DWP with your permission?

It’s hard enough dealing with the loss of your wife without all of this as well.

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Hello Pat,
I am sorry that you are having all this hassle, have you thought about contacting the Ombudsman?
I am sorry that you have lost your wife.


very sorry for your loss Pat.
and its sad that DWP are acting the way they are,seems they think every one is on the fiddle,
rather than look at each individual case they group people together and deal with them on mass.pity one part of the department doesnt know what the other parts are doing.
hope you can get some satisfaction and get those jobs worths to work with each other to give you what you are rightly entitled to.
and likes been mentioned by others you dont need all this crap going on when your already going through the emotional ringer.
fingers crossed they sort this out soon.


Thank you for your advice will try them tomorrow

Yes have thought of ombudsman but you have to go through the dwp complaints first

I see, Pat, I hope that you get satisfaction after your complaint. How about your MP?

Been fighting with them for 6 weeks now I have now made a official complaint to them

good luck with that Pat,but please keep on at them in the meat time,seems its out of sight out of mind,keep putting pressure on them if you can find the energy.it really is a sad case of affairs how slow they deal with people.

it gets harder every day to find the energy
l have at times wounded if it’s all worth it glad I have my dog :poodle:
I can honestly say that if I hadn’t got him I don’t think I would still be here
but I will try to to keep fighting

I know its very unfair Pat at how they are treating you,but dont give in,please give them hell.
I know I would,its that were in a society were so many get something for nothing and scrounge get monies they shouldn’t be even receiving,and people such as your self get the shaft,yes im fuming for the injustices in this world as the innocent get treated the same as those guilty of dishonesty.
fingers crossed they pull their fingers out and give you what you are entitled to.
so you can grieve without all this added stress.

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So sorry to hear about your loss, and the aggravation you are getting from DWP.
As someone else suggested, you should write to your MP, and book an appointment with your local Citizens Advice Bureau.
They will help, put a bit of -pressure on the DWP to lay off, and make you feel that you are not having to deal with it all by yourself.

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