Hairy bloke

A few days ago we found a lock of my husband’s hair. Which his mum.obtained when he was a year dear friend has put it in the corner if his photograph. So tangible and comforting


How lovely.

The Victorians used to make mourning jewellery from hair of their deceased loved ones.
Very intricate and beautifully woven.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the things that bring us some comfort but that lock of hair is a wee treasure.

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Hi ,I found my husband’s tooth in his draw after he had died. He had to get it took out before his cancer treatment started. I didn’t know he had kept it . It’s like a jewel to me now . I keep it in a special box with white feathers I have found . The things we do for a bit comfort xtake carex

You’re not wrong @Broken2222.
All I can offer is Mr Wingingit’s winter anorak which I now put over my legs when it gets nippy in the evening.
In my mind, it’s the nearest thing to a cuddle from him that I can get now.
It is very cosy though and helps with the economising on the central heating front.
As a “careful Scotsman”, he would approve! (With apologies to all Scots folk).


I’m actually half Scottish . My mam was Scottish . Beautiful lovely people . Yes anything that keeps them close to us helps . I still have all my husbands clothes . And I still try smelling them . But it’s just over a year since he died . And the smell isn’t the same . I guess you don’t sleep to good . Posting at daft o clock like me .

I agree, naturally, about the lovely Scottish folk @Broken2222.
I just have to hear a Scottish accent and I well up.
I do sleep quite well really but am nocturnal by nature so I’m usually lurking round these parts when other folk are tucked up in bed.

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I too have kept an item of clothing from my husband who passed away Dec last year. I couldn’t bear to open his wardrobe or chest of drawers and see all his things. So they stayed where they were. I do tend to sleep quite well now, didn’t at first as I couldn’t bear to sleep in our room so was using our spare room. Then on what would have been his birthday I made the decision I was going to sleep in there. It was the first night since he passed that I had a decent sleep. It felt as if he was there to comfort me and let me know I was going to be alright. Then last month I woke up with a feeling that it was time. I actually cleared out his wardrobe but there was one jumper that I had bought him for Christmas, he knew it was his as he had accidently come across it before I had chance to wrap it up. This I have kept. I wore it to his funeral even though he had never worn it I felt close to him. I will never part with it, even though I have not worn it again but will one day

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Hi , i wear my husband’s socks . A few weeks ago I cried because one of them had a hole in it . I was even thinking of sewing it . But then thought husband would be saying to me " you took forever to stitch a button on a shirt when I asked what on earth are you doing sewing socks " . I have a bear made with some of his clothes . Daughter got it made for me . I hated it at first . I wanted him not a bear. But it does give me comfort now . When I do manage to sleep I stop on my side of the bed . When husband was here he always had to move me from his side so he could get into bed . I did use to sleep a lot . I now regret all that wasted time I could of spent with him . I’m managing to function on very little sleep now. Xtake carex

I wore my son’s hoodie yesterday. I work from home and I was cold. I saw it hanging on the back of the door and just thought I would put it on. I was hoping it would smell on him but it didn’t. He’s been dead 6 months last Tuesday, 18th. It seems like yesterday.

It is all so heartbreakingly sad, reading our stories.

Life can be very cruel sometimes but I couldn’t help but smile at the mental image of all us cold, sad folk shuffling round in our various homes wearing a motley selection of oversized garments!

It’s that fine line between comedy and tragedy I think.


Hi . That did make me smile . Thank you xtake carex