Happ Birthday Day Alan

To my darling Alan.

Wishing you were here today for even just a while
So I could say Happy Birthday and see your loving smile.

The only gifts today will be your sweet memories left behind
Of laughter, joy and happiness that echo on in my mind.

I will gaze upon the pictures and think of you with love
And hope you’re doing fine in Heaven up above.

May Angels hold you closely and sing you a happy song
And I’ll be sending wishes today and all year long.

I Love You.


Thinking of you today.

@sad2 hi my thoughts are are with you today

Thank you Sheila26 and Casey1. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated…
It’s not been a very good one, just endless tears and wishing “If only”.

Sending hugs, look after yourself hun xx

Thank you so much x

Sad, many thanks, you make my day. Hugs and kisses are the only birthday present I can send. S xxx

Thank you so much, they are much appreciated.
I only wish It was my Alan’s hugs and kisses I was still getting.

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