My 5th Christmas is approaching without my lovely wife just longing for some happiness grief never lets up,it goes on and on coming home each day to a empty house feeling a little bit down today apologies for how I feel take care out there X


Hi @M50,

No apologies are needed. Your feelings are perfectly valid. Everyone here will understand. Sadly.

It will be two years come January since my gorgeous wife Christine died. This second year has been far far worse than the first. Feelings of sadness and aloneness have built steadily as the months have passed. Christmas and the New Year are especially challenging as they encompass many ghastly anniversaries.

Talking about how I feel and reading what everyone else is saying on this forum has been very helpful. There are no answers of course but there is understanding and support.

I hope you will find it helpful.

Best wishes to you.


Thank you for your kind reply so sorry for your sad loss best wishes to you


M50 hi i lost my gorgeous beautiful wife sue to cancer on the 1st February this year and I feel so lost without sue. My daughter stepson dave and family are really supportive but sometimes the only person i want to speak to is sue.to be honest i I’m not looking forward to Christmas and it feels like the grief is getting worse than ever


Hi @Martyn2 @JerryH @M50
So sad thats how we feel.
The grief and pain heartache :broken_heart: never goes away. It fades for a while then it comes back.
Living on your own after 35 years for me holds no happiness.
No matter how many years we have been together :heart: we have all lost our partners solemates friends. We only needed each other we thought we’d be together longer we were wrong life is short and we dont know how long each of us has. I only hope for me that it is not too long before my time is here as dont think i can take much more pain and loneliness.
It is the quiet that gets to me eating alone going to sleep alone getting up alone.
Repeat repeat repeat Groundhog day again but i cant change anything :sleepy:
Take care
Sending hugs


It’s my 5th Christmas without my husband
Does it get easier NO
I have to put on a brave face with family and friends when inside I’m broken
My only positive is I had 25 wonderful years of memories with my husband and no one can take them away
He is not going through this pain every day that make me happy

Someone once said you should live your life for them
That’s true but some days it’s so hard
I wish you all the best over the festive season
And if your feeling low come on here and share your thoughts
You are never alone
Take care xx