Happy Anniversary

Today would have been our 44th wedding anniversary. I loved my wife so much from the day we met to the day she died.
Ive been getting stronger and have been dealing with things well.
Today has kicked me back 10 miles down the road and Im just a broken guy.
When will the heartache ease? I just cant cope


The anniversaries, birthdays, etc, are all major setbacks as they were milestones in the lives we shared together, so only natural to feel the way you are. I think only time can ease the heartache and to continue taking things day by day. Making the most of the good days and riding the waves out of the bad one’s.
Have you planned anything special in her memory for today? It may help you, even if it is just lighting a candle or playing a special song or going for a drive or walk to a special place but it’s perfectly ok if you don’t do anything. Do what you feel comfortable with. Thinking of you
Lyn x


Happy Anniversary.
It’s still your special day and always will be.:revolving_hearts:

My husband died last August. One day before our 15th wedding anniversary.
So nothing was real for me for that anniversary.
I’m sure this year will be more painful.
Sending :hugs::hugs:

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I sat and played a couple of songs on my guitar she loved . I said happy anniversary my love wherever you may be . Sadly I’ve seen no one to share with . But special occasions birthdays anniversaries are what we have to deal with . I’m not alone in this I know . The support on this group really helps . X


Hi Achilles. yesterday, the 1st, should have been our 62nd anniversary, but instead it was the 7th without my lovely wife. Every anniversary of the day we married the day she passed away, birthdays. All bring memories, and more tears, and knocks me back. Does it get any easier, not for me. The saddest thought I have is that she wont be there when its my turn to go.


It would have been our 52nd wedding anniversary on 25 June 2023. I am thinking off scattering my husband’s ashes that day. I have no one to share it with, so will feel really lonely. I hope I can cope as I will have to use public transport to get to where he would like his ashes scattered


I believe she will be waiting for you :heart:. Loves crosses all realms.
All the anniversaries are a challenge for us left behind, all we can do is to honour their memory and live within us. Take care