Happy birthday dad

Can’t put into words, the true pain that I feel, gone seven months now, it still don’t seem real, today is your birthday, just wish you was here, I’ll cry lots of tears for you, and might have a beer, I’m trying real hard, to keep a smile on my face, but there’s a piece of my heart missing, that I can’t replace, the day that you left us, the saddest I’ve had, I’ll love you forever, happy birthday dad


Dear @Trigger-81

All of us on here can feel the pain in your post. First birthdays are very hard to get through. Try to keep yourself busy and do something to remember your dad today. You could plant his favourite flower in the garden, make his favourite food and raise a glass of his favourite drink to say ‘happy birthday’.

We will all be thinking of you and please continue to reach out. Take care of yourself.


@Trigger-81 Happy Birthday to your Dad. It’s been 6 months since I lost my Dad and I know his Birthday will be a hard day for me too. Sending positive thoughts to help you through the day