Happy Birthday

It’s my lovely girls birthday today, and I’ve been looking through photos of her and of us remembering her and thinking about her all day. I thought it would be a really difficult day, but I actually was motivated this morning to get up and go to the gym and I sat outside listening to music for a while too. It’s the most energy I’ve had since she passed and I think it was her wee way of telling me to celebrate her today. I’m happy to be having a somewhat positive day and I’m trying not to already worry about the bad days that might follow. I hope everyone else here is having the best day they can have and even if you’re not that’s okay too.


@Diadhuit - so glad to hear today was better for you than you were thinking it might be. Best wishes.

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I’m glad today has been a better one for you and hope you can build on that knowing that there are some good days ahead, even if there are bad too.

Today was significant for me too as it would have been our 30th wedding anniversary and Richard had suggested we had a party for it.
I had dreaded the day but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

My daughters and I went up a local mountain yesterday and left some flowers up there. It was the last place I went for a trip out with Richard before he died. Today I laid similar on his grave after cleaning the headstone. I had a friend with me today who is also suffering from the grief of losing their love so that helped too.

Here’s to better days for all of us.
Karen xxx