Hard at Christmas time

Well It’s Christmas once again my 3rd now without my darling wife of 48 years and it’s not got any easier so I feel for each and every one of you that’s going through this horrible grief . The only comfort and way I’ve been able to cope is realising that every day every year that passes brings me closer to being with her again. Take care everyone and try your best to struggle through (I know how hard it is) god bless you all. :heart:


Hi @Bri,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

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Thanks so much.

Hi, I hope you are feeling a little better, just the new year to get through now…it was my 3rd Xmas too, my hubby died a few weeks before Xmas 2020.

I haven’t been on here for a while, but recently I haven’t been that good so felt the need to come back on, it’s just so lonely isn’t it? It doesn’t seem to get any better, you just learn the triggers and how to avoid them. I made a resolution last year that I would make an effort to get out and make new friends and hobbies, and effectively restart my life, unfortunately it never happened and I have just trundled along. But we all deserve some happiness, so I am really going to make an effort next year. I hope you do too, we deserve it. Look after yourself x

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This is my first Christmas without my husband I lost him the end of November 2022 I know how you feel its very raw with me at the moment as its only recently he died and the funeral was a week before Christmas you are not alone the aching and yearning for your loved one seems unbearable I am going from day to day that is all I can do, and like you each day brings me closer to my wonderful husband thinking of you take care


Hi , I’m glad Christmas and New year celebrations are over. Like you I shut myself away for the first year but last year I started to venture out and went into town and into a few pubs with live music on and I was surprised how many people I talked to were in the same position as I am and over the last six months I have made quite a few new friends. It’s nice to know that when I go out now there is always someone I can sit with. They all meet 2 or 3 times a week but I’m not quite ready for that just yet so I go meet with them once a month at least it’s a start and I’m trying to have some kind of life but its still hard and definitely not life like I used to know. What is really hard is going out and then returning to a empty house and that makes you feel even more lonely but I just have to realize life will never be the same , we can only try our best and I hope you will try and do the same this year. Take care and I hope you find even just a little joy from life . ( I know how hard it is believe me). X

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Hi, believe me I know exactly what your going through. That horrible painful feeling and sense of hopelessness and frustration that you can’t change things back to how they were before. The hardest thing is going through the first of everything on your own like Christmas, new year, birthdays, anniversary’s. New year was the hardest for me I just didn’t want to go into a year that she’d not lived in I just wanted to stay in 2020. I was glad to get that first year over so I had experienced that first of everything on my own and hoping it wouldn’t be as bad in year 2. I have just got through the second year and the special dates were a little easier to accept ,the best thing to help you is talking to people that are going through the same because they truly understand the feelings of sadness and grief you are going through , that’s why this site is very good for support and you will find people talking about the very same things your actually feeling. I would like to have told you that things get easier like so many people told me and for some it may be true but for me that sense of loss is just as strong and still break down in tears every day , I’m just learning to live with it and accept this is now my life. Take care and just carry on taking a day at a time and remembering each day brings you closer to being with your husband again. ( I know how hard it is) x