Hate weekends

Hate weekends. Everyone busy with their partners wives husband’s children. Used to look forward to them but not anymore. So lonely

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It’s very hard this is what my Mum went through although she did still have me at the time… have you got friends or good neighbour’s or any interests x

Friends I thought I had are too bothered with their own family. Shouldn’t complain I used to be the same way before this.

I found that too, my two friends only bothered when they wanted something so I do not bother with them.

Some real selfish people in this world

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Oh yes and very self centred

Lost my boyfriend of 7 years only last week and proper struggling. Best friend kept saying she will ring n meet up but hasn’t bothered. Used to work all week and then spend all weekend at his so well and truly lost right now.

Sending big hugs… it’s very early days for you. That’s unfair, have you anyone else near by x

Have you got any other family x

No small family just me n mum n dad. They don’t understand. Got tablets off gp n mum keeps nagging I should take em but I don’t want to.

It’s a tough one… are you staying with your parents.

Yeah and God love em I know they mean well but they’ve no idea what it’s like unlike you lot on here x

Yeah, it’s hard this site it great, its helped me. x

May I ask what brought you on here? Who have you lost?

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I have lost My Mum, My Dad and Brother My Mum was the last to go in March x

Oh so sorry x

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I lost my partner of 16 years in Octoberto suicide things are still raw but hope ur ok xx

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Bless you. I’m ok getting there. X

So sorry to hear that. Despite who’s lost who or how everyone on here are so nice and supportive x

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Hi Tidd,

I’m very sorry to hear that you are feeling so lonely. It is very common for weekends to be a particularly hard time for those that have lost a partner and it is something that we see posted about quite often on here. I hope that being part of this community can help you to feel a tiny bit less alone.

If you would find it helpful to also be able to find offline support, you might wish to look into your nearest Cruse Bereavement support group.

There are also two organisations called WAY (Widowed and Young, for those who have lost a partner under 50) and Way Up (for 50+) - these are both online communities a little like this one, but with more focus on connecting you with others in your local area, so that you can meet up face to face.

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