Have I done the right thing

My late husband and his brother never got on . Rob ( my husband wouldn’t even have him in the house. Their childhood wasn’t the best and his brother is older by two years . To cut a long story short now Rob has passed away his brother wanted to come to the house for a “chat” really I think is was to attempt to explain why his mum had the relationship with my husband which wasn’t the best . Anyway what I’m trying to say is because I have allowed my brother in law into the house for his so called chat I feel as if I have been disrespectful to Rob as he would have NEVER. Allowed him in

Kazzer my mum didn’t speak to her brother for 20 years. And since mum died. He came to the funeral and he’s been in touch with my dad and they went out for lunch. When someone dies you realise how short life is. And grudges being held are pointless. He wouldn’t be angry with you. He would understand that you need to draw a line under it.


I believe you have done the right thing. You’ve shown compassion for your brother in law.

Losing somebody teaches you that life is too short and the arguments and disagreements I’m not really Worth it. I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong by having a chat with him as long as having that conversation doesn’t upset you then I’m sure it will be fine.

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