Having a good day

Hi, just wanted to share some hope. I’ve had a wonderful few days away with my daughter & grandson going to special places I went with my husband. I was dreading it and got really low before we went but now I’m back home I feel so much better. I had a lovely time making new memories and I think it also helped my daughter who is going through her own greif. I know there are going to be more bad days but for today I’m having a good day.

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Hi Brownie. Well done you. And i expect he was with you in spirit. I have been recently doing the same thing, though on my own. Was as you dreading going to the haunts we visited when she was alive, on my own…I found what really helped me was, i had a small locket made up with some of her ash, she always had a small toy teddy she had in car, she took everywhere. So, with her locket, and carrying her small teddy, either in hand or my pocket, its made a real difference, and made me feel she is still with me in spirit. Now, it doesn’t worry me when i go to those places…just saying, as its helped me, go places i thought i could never go to again without getting upset…John .

Hi John, It was so sweet to hear that the little teddy helped you along with the locket. Seems silly but I had to cut up an ID card of my husbands when he died. I couldn’t cut through his face so I keep his face in my purse along with a little ‘Brixham Angel’ which I brought while we were on holiday once. If I lost them from my purse I would be devistated. While they are there I know he is taking care of me.

Absolutely he is with you and watching over you Brownie. I have had so many amazing spiritual experiences with my wife/soulmate, since she passed, i know she is nearly always around. Keep the faith…John

Oh yes, I agree, I feel him here, near, so many times and like you have had spiritual experiences although they were shortly after he passed. It’s nice to hear your wife is near for you too. Take care.

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