Having a moan!

Hi all,

Today is just a really bad day, I’m getting bad vibes off people at work and normally if I was feeling down I’d ring my mum and she’d help me feel better by giving pep talks, but today I just feel completely lost and weak.

I’ve been given a huge task at work, in charge of a training course, and I just don’t feel up to it, I can’t think of anything else, and I can’t let it out at home because I’ve gotta be strong for my dad.

I’ve just sat at my desk sobbing because the pain today is unreal, it feels like i’m constantly trying to make things easier for others but others don’t seem to care about me (well mainly people at work).

I just feel like walking out, I know it’s just a bad day but I seem to feel like this a lot at work, not too bad at home because I’m with family and I love my family, I just can’t hack it here.

I hope some of that made sense, I feel like I’m just on one at the minute.

Hi Blondie9319,

I’m sorry to hear that you were having such a difficult day at work yesterday. How are you feeling today?

Have you spoken to your manager at all about what you’re going through at the moment? It might be that there are things your manager could put in place to support you whilst you’re in the office, particularly if you’re working on large tasks and projects. From your post it sounds like work is having quite an impact on you so it might be helpful to have that conversation.

You mention that you’re trying to stay strong for you dad and I wondered whether you have anyone to support you? It’s important to have the opportunity to share how you’re feeling, rather than bottling it all up - hopefully you find this community a space to do just that, but talking to a close friend or even a bereavement counsellor may also be something to consider.

If there’s anything I can do to support you please do let me know.

Take care of yourself,

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