He’s still shocking me

Mark was a great sport lover and loved collecting sports memorabilia. Our staircase and landing are full of autographed photos, framed football shirts etc. Neighbours who we got to know better in lockdown and who have been very supportive rang this morning to see about coming for a coffee. They didn’t know about marks collection until the funeral and I knew they were interested in seeing some of his collection. I went to the cupboard in the spare bedroom where it was to get a couple of folders of programmes out to show them. I came across a folder which contains a list of all his collection together with a note saying that I can do what I want with them. Give any to family if they want anything or sell it when I am ready. He also had tips on how to do this and had marked on the lists what he thought was the most valuable.
He was always a very organised person and loved making lists. He had a list of what he wanted for his funeral and a list of highlights of his life which was so helpful to the celebrant.
To find this unexpectedly totally threw me and I got so upset. I love him so much for what he did to make things easier for me. I just don’t know how he did all this knowing he was going to leave me. He really was so brave.
It’s far too early to think about what to do with his collection but at least I know when I am ready to deal with it it will be with his blessing xx


My hubby collected model buses and all ways said if anything happened to him to sell them but I can’t do it they were part of him and I can’t part with them.

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Yes that’s true it is all part of who they were. Far too early for me to make any big decisions about what to do. Xx