Hi all I lost my wife best friend my world
3 months ago the weekends are so hard we had her headstone fitted today I feel it’s the end of this chapter and I was expecting to feel more comfortable with this today but it doesn’t feel any different an still lost rattling around the house on my own things we would plan and do together just don’t happen anymore my motivation to carry on and do the things we loved to do together I know life will never be the same and I know my wife would tell me off for being this way I just find it hard more so my daughters have returned to work and I have so much lonely time as I call it am lost :broken_heart::broken_heart:


It’s horrific isn’t it, strangely something no-one talks about until it happens to your family
Lots of lost people :pensive:

I don’t know why but I was expecting to feel revelled after today but I feel exactly the same :broken_heart:

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