Heart che

I lost my husband on the 29th Nov 2018 and i am struggling after looking after him pallative care for 3 yrs gave up my job to be with him and enjoy what he had left ansd we did male lively memories but i hurt so much it is so hard i miss our chats and even just watch tv programmes together i just feel so empty and alone iw ish it was all a bad dream and i will wake up and he will be here but that wont happen and thats the hardest bit never to see or hear or touch him ever again its just unbearable

Carol, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, love. I relate intimately to the nightmarish quality of life a month in. Imagining that future without our sweethearts is just horrible. I hope you have supports around you. And please talk to your man - I believe he will hear you. One of my own work-arounds is to invite my Ken to come and watch the telly with me. This grief feels absolutely unbearable - let it bleed, Carol - I hope you can find ways to make it even a tiny bit more bearable, even if only for five minutes. I’m sorry that I don’t have many words - most of us know there isn’t much you can say to somebody, particularly in the early days. But just be assured that you are heard and understood.


Louise xo

I do speak to him all the time even i knew thais day would come nothing prepares you for the iost of ur love my daughters and grandkids are amazing and i know they are hurting so mines is held in till im alone as i have to be therd for them and i am so sorry for your loss as well x