Heartache after dad died

had lost my father 2 days ago to cancer. Never dealt with such pain before quite frankly. I feel like having a huge void in my chest, my heart aches! I am thinking maybe I should keep myself busy, so my mind occupied with else, cannot find a project atm…

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Very Sorry to hear about your dad. My dad also passed away due to cancer 2 days ago. It’s horrendous and I feel lost. Sending you love

Thanks, much love to you! The most awful thing. I am watching Ted Talks on grieving and there is good stuff on there!

Unfortunately the hole in your heart will always be there but you do learn to live with it. It will be a year coming up soon for losing my dad and although some days are a little bit easier it’s always the thought in my mind and an ache in my heart. It really helped in the first few weeks after losing him to keep busy. I had lots to organise with his estate and his funeral and then we were soon into Christmas so concentrated on that. It does help to have something to work towards even if it’s just a little something as it stops you from sitting there thinking about it too much.

How are you 25 days on?