My Fiance died suddenly but peacefully for him after we had a lovely evening and put the world to rights, watched a funny film and talked, but in the morning he was gone.
That was the 5th Feb but funeral isn’t until 10 March, and I am dredding it. I mostly feel numb but have up and down moments.


I’m sorry to hear your story. I dreaded my wife’s funeral so much it made me feel ill, but still I had to arrange it myself and I felt like I could hardly breathe until it was over. In the end the funeral was bearable because we made it a celebration of her life. 9 months later I still have up and down days.


Hello I understand how upsetting it is not Just to lose someone but all that comes afterwards I arranged my dad’s funeral two year’s ago my beautiful dad has been gone, and my mum couldn’t get her head around it so I basically I arranged everything for my dad’s funeral you just don’t realise that when someone passes there’s so much to do.I had to put all my dad’s finances into order and phone,email and write to everybody basically the whole thing cause my mum bless her wasn’t sure what she needed to do after all that I have greived ever since time’s good but you just get used to living with the pain I have more greif coming as my mum is dying of lung Cancer I’ve moved back home to look after her I’ve been here since middle of November 2022 and I could look after her forever lot’s of love Kirsty xx


@Juju The funeral and just before is really stressful. I travelled in the second car and had to look away all the time as I could not bear to look at the first car with the coffin carrying my wife. It was a celebration of my wife’s life and over 100 people were there. I cried as did almost everyone else at some point. At the end people came to give me commiserations. Although there were people we had known for 50 years my eyes were so full of tears I hardly recognised anybody. Do not worry if you cry, just let what happens happen. This is not closure but the start of your grief journey. You will be overwhelmed at times. Just post as you need.


That is do very sad thst you didn’t get to be married and I assume that he was young with a what should have been a long life ahead if him .I managed to read the eulogy and do glad I did as I can’t he was standing with me.

Sending you love @Juju
This is such an awful time for you and I assume it was a loss out of the blue? Whether you had any warning or not there is no easy way to lose your love.

I hope you will find the support you need on here. So sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I have only just seen your post.
There are many wonderful member of this club nobody wanted to join but we are here for each other.

Hope you also have support around you at home.
Hugs xxx

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