Heartbreaking sight

Today I went to my parent’s house for the last time before it is handed back to the housing association. What I saw was truly heartbreaking their possessions of any worth family members have taken them. The jewellery was gone of course it was seeing their life and home in ruins was upsetting. Living close to the house is going to be a problem seeing strangers living there can’t cope with that I am still trying to cope every day.Kate88


Hi Kate88,

That must have been very difficult for you. I remember how sad I felt when I left the almost empty house of my parents for the last time.
Please remember that whatever possessions your family have taken, nobody can take the memories you have of your parents because they are in your heart for ever. The house now is just a building. your parents made it the home and again, you have the memories of that home in your heart. Jo


Hi @kate88,

I can only imagine how hard that was for you to see the house like that.
I pass my late auntie’s house every day and always wonder what it’s like in there now and how it was when her and my Granny lived in there. It has taken many years to stop being upset but still find myself wondering after many years.

But as someone here said the house now is a shell…it was the laughter and love your parents created that made it a home. Enjoy the memories however painful they are just now as they will eventually bring you comfort.

Family can be so greedy and death seems to bring the worst out in people. I hope you managed to get the items you wanted that will bring you peace.

All the best,