You Were My Favourite Hello
And My Hardest Goodbye
I Will Love You Always And Forever :broken_heart:


I can relate to that Adele. Just like if I knew our last kiss was going to be the last kiss, I would never have stopped kissing you. And if I knew our last hug would be our last hug, I would never have let go. We could go on Adele, couldn’t we? Take care and stay strong :kissing_heart:


lovely touching heartfelt words Kate,and Adele please try stay strong and know there are people who care about you. regards ian


Thankyou Kate your so right we would never have let go I’d do anything to hold him close again thankyou for your kind words and continued support means alot look after yourself as much as possible speak soon x :broken_heart:


Hi Ade,
I lost my love Friday the 22nd of May due to heart attack in my arms. He was only 39 years old. I used to love Spring, Fridays etc. Now I do not love anything apart from my son. Everything seems meaningless, life, working…can not see anything worth apart from my son. I just want to cry cry and go to long long sleep as I am in unbearable pain. But I need to be strong as always for my son. Life is cruel and meaningless. If have only come to this world once. I wished it was all happy after xxx

Mehraba im so so sorry for your loss it’s utterly heartbreaking im lost without and broken empty my man got taken 39 years old he was half Turkish too om so so so sorry for your loss in my thoughts and prayers stay blessed take care stay safe inashallah :broken_heart:

Thanks Ade. I am really sorry for your loss as well. Trying to sleep but can not. I am Turkish and my husband was English. My friends said finally I found the true love yes I did and lost him to soon.
I will miss him every day in my life. He left s huge hole behind x

Nuran we lost everything hopes and dreams have been stolen from us in the most cruellest harrowing manner we lost everything hopes and dreams have been stolen from us so cruelly something like that type I will never ever heal from you look after yourself and your boy he’d want that my husband from Turkey Olu deniz im broken empty and lost without him thankyou for your kind words means alot send you a hug from one broken heart to another x :broken_heart::cry:

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