Hi. I lost my Partner of 20years to Pancreatic Cancer 11 days ago. She was diagnosed with this in February and started receiving chemotherapy soon after and the Doctor was very happy with her progress and very positive attitude. Unfortunately, she had unforeseen complications and that was that. Dont know what to do. We had so many plans and a lot of legal stuff to sort out but with the speed it took her were in a right Pickle. No Will and were only common law partners. Never seem to get time to grieve with all the worry. We had a joint mortgage so I’m hoping I’ll just be able to carry on, but there’s some credit card debt in her name so me not being her next of kin legally I dont know how it all end up

Hello, you do sound to be in a right mess. Honestly the paper work when someone goes is unbelievable but in your circumstances things are more complicated. If you need advice I would suggest you contact Citizens Advice so you can get sensible advice because I don’t think you will be responsible for debits but to make sure contact the advise people. You will feel horrible and everyone on here will support you and you may even find someone who as gone through something similar. When someone is undergoing chemo there is always the chance that things go wrong but we never expect it and no matter what it’s always a shock. Try to look after yourself and please try to relax if possible. I do hope you can sort things out, I shall be thinking off you. Blessings

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Hi Twitcher1965
I lost my partner in April. We were not married and he left no will. His daughter took on all the paperwork,debt etc as legally she is next of kin. We have a joint mortgage but as tenants in common which means his half doesn’t come to me so now I don’t know if I can be forced to sell. I understand how hard it is to deal with grief and the stress of debt. Sometimes the debt can be written off if its not in your name. Hang in there!!

I was with the Citizens Advice for a few years, talk to them, they will help you. Also, if you have home insurance it may include legal advice, check the policy and give them a call, if they say “no” you’re no worse off, also applies if you’re a member of a Union