Hiya a few weeks ago I suddenly lost my partner im struggling so bad he leaves his 5 step kids behind an his 1 year old behind we never got the chance to say goodbye heartbroken badly


So sorry Caroline life’s not fair lv annie x

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Its so horrible I can’t eat can’t sleep the kids are keeping me going if it wasn’t for them I would be with him only 31 he was died suddenly for no reason all our heart breaks life is not fair

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Does anyone believe in mediums

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Caroline hi !
So sorry to hear about your loss and I think it’s too early for you to even consider the medium route. I know many people believe but I’m not sure as I think there are too many people out there who would take advantage of your grief. I read on this forum somewhere that it takes a year to be able to communicate (can’t believe I’m typing this). Think long and hard before you go down that road m’dear.

Much love
Georgina x

Thank you xxx