This thing called death, I cannot see
Why you have come to visit me
Though I’m still here and am not broke
You took the one I love the most

I do not know what I have done
If in the past or still to come
By taking her instead of me
I can but hope you’ve set her free

For if our lives are judged by soul
The one you took was truly whole
If heaven really does exist
Then you now have the best of best

…strength and love to everybody…it’s been a tough week so far :broken_heart::sleepy:


Thank you @UnityMan
As you know from some of my posts I’ve liked lots of your poems…
But this is extra special
Love and hugs :heart::hugs:

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I understand tough …exactly 9 months for me today, and I can honestly say the last 2/3 weeks have been the worst yet, and I sense no let up :cry::cry:

Live and hugs back to everyone :heart::hugs:


Thank you …I’m glad this resonated. I have had a really bad couple of weeks…feel like I’m in a well…climb up a bit…then fall back down…the poetry is my release…but only a bit…:heavy_heart_exclamation: