Hello from your returning community manager

Hello everyone,

I’m Priscilla and I’ll be returning to my role as community manager for this site (after a spell away on maternity leave). Those of you who’ve been using the Online Community for a longer time may remember me, but I just wanted to introduce myself and say a big hello to all of you.

As community manager, it’s my job to help keep this site a safe and supportive place for all our users. I’m here to help with any technical issues, if you spot someone breaking the rules, or if you are worried about another user’s wellbeing.

I think you all do a wonderful job of supporting each other through some of the most difficult times in your lives, and I look forward to being able to doing whatever I can to make that possible.

I’ll be moderating the site the majority of the time, but Eleanor will also still be around to help you with any queries about our online bereavement counselling service. To get in touch with us, just email online.community@sueryder.org.

Welcome back and congratulations, I hope you have enjoyed your maternity leave x

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Thanks for the welcome, Sheila and Chamberpot, it is nice to be back.

Yes, Eleanor has been doing a fantastic job, and I’m very happy that she will still be around and involved with the community, so you won’t be saying goodbye to her.

Hello Priscilla
How nice to have you back again! Now we have both you and Eleanor to turn to!
I hope all went well and that you had a really special leave…sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our own pain that we forget that there is always a balance and , when we are crying, someone somewhere will be full of joy so it is really good to have you as a reminder!
Thank you to everyone who makes this site possible.x


Thanks Amelie’s gran for that lovely message!

Hi Priscilla,

Welcome back and thank you all for this forum. It has helped me so much in a dark time.

Ann xx

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Thank you Ann, I’m so glad to hear that the Online Community has made a real difference to you.

Forums like this are invaluable. The people who give their time and energy to them are angels in disguise. Thank you all so much for what you do. God bless you all.

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