I have lost both my parents in the last few years and it does not get any easier, especially around this time of year. Any contact on here with others in a similar position would be greatly appreciated. Ian

Hi I lost my dad 2 years ago and my partner in May he was only 48. It is so hard I can’t wait until Christmas and New year is over people say it gets easier with time but I don’t know. My life has changed forever and I am scared of the future. Grief is so hard and I think we learn to live with it but never get over it.
Christine x

I’ve also lost both parents, my mum January 17 and my dad February 17. I agree it doesn’t seem to get easier, I feel my loss more as time passed. I used to look forward to Christmas, my mum loved this time of the year, but now it’s just not the same.

Two years ago my mother, aunt and wife were all part of the Christmas celebrations. They have all died since. They were all very central figures in the Christmases I’ve enjoyed or endured over the years. I will remember them all with great fondness as I get through this Christmas.

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Dear Fellow Posters, I can relate to grieving multiple losses at Christmas time. My mother died in 2012 to lung cancer, and 7 months ago my sweet younger sister died suddenly, after doing quite well managing a cancer diagnosis. My mother loved Christmas, the lights the decorations, the food and fun enjoyed with family. When she died, my sister and I pushed through our sadness to continue making the most of Christmas in mom’s memory. The last few years we actually began seeing the joy in Christmas again, as we shared happy holiday memories of when we were all still together. This year they are both gone, and now once again, Christmas has become a sad and lonely time of year. I do not have my beloved little sister to share memories with. She had a zest for life and it was contagious. She put her special touch into Christmas and it cannot be the same without her. Since her light went out, Christmas will be a dark day. The “expectation” by others is to “get into the spirit” by attending office parties,buying gifts and cards, and putting on a false happy face. I would prefer to spend a quiet day alone as others have expressed, but I am pressured at work especially, to partake in festivities while my heart is breaking. Caring thoughts go out to all those facing “first,” and any Christmas beyond a devastating loss. I know I will be needing additional support as we get closer to Christmas and the New Year, without my sister and best friend. Here for you too, in any way I can help. Xx Sister2

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Yes i agree,ive lost mam,dad,brother and now husband this year in March and Christmas used to be fun in every way,each time we lose a loved one ,a small part of christmas goes with them,my Christmas has shrunk so to speak,the passion for it has diminished,i am grateful i have my 4 grandchildren and 3 daughters ,i hear myself saying the cheery words to my grandchildren as it is their time,but behind those words is a hidden sadness for Christmases past,nevertheless i will muddle through as many on here will,and i will be thinking of all those carrying sadness with them through this Christmas period x