Help and support

I lost my son suddenly 6months ago found it really hard but after funeral throw myself into work. But 2 weeks ago had a mental breakdown (it’s his inquest this month) I was signed off work for 6 weeks to go through councilling and to deal with things but I’ve got no company sick pay so only get ssp which £92.50 week and that don’t even cover my rent looked into seeing if there’s help available but can’t find nothing. I’ve worked full time and paid tax all my adult life but still not entitled to any help. I don’t have any savings as had to use these to pay for funeral costs just wondering if anyone knows what I can do or I’m having to return to work tomorrow.

Sorry I don’t like to ask but if your son died of a specific disease, such as cancer you might get some help from a charity related to that disease. Maybe there’s something on the web to help you. It’s terrible that you have to deal with this. I feel for you.
Can you get any help with rent from the housing benefit people?
I don’t know anything but didn’t want you to feel that no one was listening.
I hope you get some help.

My advise would be to get in touch with Citizens Advice Service who, hopefully, will know where you can get the relevant advice as to Benefits, Grants, etc. Much depends on your local authority as to whether there is a local Money Advice Service.

Dear Louise, I am so sorry for the loss of your son and all the trauma it brings. I too lost my daughter a year ago. I went back to work three months ago and although it was so hard at first, I have found it helpful now. I work for the NHS and they have allowed me to go back on less hours and gradually build up. Although I am retiring age and may retire later this year.
Do you think this may help you? Otherwise as someone else suggested, maybe contact Citizens Advice for help.
We had an inquest for Gemma and I was dreading it but the Coroner made it easy for us to go through. I took a photo of Gemma with me so she could see what she looked like and the Coroner said it was lovely to see her.
Sending you big hugs and keep posting if you can as I find it very helpful as people here are so understanding. xxx