Help as needed.

Over the last eighteen months this site has provided me with much needed support and care from others in the same situation.
With the effect of Covid leaving so many bereaved and grief stricken I can only hope that some of those people find or stumble across this site to discover the compassion from those who post messages.
Thanks to each and every person who took time in the midst of their own sadness to console, empathise and lend a virtual shoulder to cry on for those at their lowest ebb.


Now how on earth did your post get missed. I didn’t see it. And such a positive and heartfelt post too. I couldn’t agree more. I too have been here for eighteen months and so many have been so helpful and I have made many friends. Thank you again for your post and I am so sorry it was missed. Best wishes. John.

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Thank you John.
I really wasn’t looking for replies, just wanted to express my thanks to all those who have helped me get through some really dark times.
If my experience is anything to go by I’m sure others in need will get all the support they may well seek on this site.
Best wishes.