Help needed

Hi, I’m a newly bereaved mum and I’m struggling to cope. My son passed away nearly 3 weeks ago from a cardiac arrest. . It’s early days I know. Thanks tracey

Hello Tracey,
I am very sorry to hear of your loss. The journey through grief is a long and lonely one, and it is different for each of us. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to lose your child, but I do know what it is like to lose someone that you love very much. The pain is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and you think that you will never survive it. Your loss consumes your life. I derive great comfort from visiting my husband’s resting place every week, where I sit and talk to him about our life and the new life that I am building. It has been almost a year for me now, and I have come through the experience a much stronger and more compassionate woman. Think of your son often, laugh a little, cry much, whenever you want to. Talk about him, and cherish your memories. Over time your loss will become easier to bear. You will never forget him, he will always be with you, but he will slip deeper into your heart where he will stay as a bright, shining life. All things pass, and so will your pain. Jayne x

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Thankyou jane, I still think I’m in shock as well as its only been a few weeks. I miss him so much and long to see him .I know you will understand that., I’m going to the doctor on Monday to see if I can have counselling although I’m not sure of anything yet…Thankyou for your kind words and support. Tracey x

Hello Faith. I’m so sorry for your sad loss. My daughter died in August so I have some idea of how you are feeling.
3 weeks is a very short time and you are probably right in that you are in shock. I don’t think it would be possible for us to feel the full impact all at once. In this respect I think nature is being kind to us, although in view of what has happened it is unbearably cruel.
I do hope you have some support. Keep talking about your son. Keep posting here. It has given me great comfort as someone who understands is always around to help.
Sending you hugs x

I’m sorry for your loss of your son. You will be in shock its only been 3 weeks. I lost my partner suddenly to a heart attack I was in total shock for the first few weeks. Please get as much support as you can
Christine x