I lost my grandmother, who was like a parent to me, 1 week ago and I am completely numb! I have hardly shed a tear which is worrying me. I am depressed, totally exhausted and can’t cope with anyone! Is this Normal as I am concerned about my mental health particularly the numbness and being unable to cry! All advice welcome.
Many Thanks
Laura 45

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Hi Laura, what you are feeling is completely normal, I didn’t cry when my husband died, I think it just takes time to realise what has actually happened, I know with me it was a few weeks down the line before it hit me, then I cried every day for about 6 months, having said that, everybodies experience is different, there is no right or wrong, if you’re not sleeping it might be worth seeing your GP and asking for a short course of sleeping pills, sending love Jude xx

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Thanks Jude, glad I am not the only one! Funeral on Friday so might hit me then. I am scared of what is to come. I hope you are in a better place with your grief now.
Thanks for the support.
Laura xx

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Hi Laura x
Mum died 3 years ago next month and I can’t stop crying now. She was dads carer and I took some of that on so didn’t cry then. I’ve now hit the wall - so whenever it happens Lauren give yourself the time to grieve properly x

Hi Laura
I understand why you are not crying your heart out and think that there’s something wrong with you
Perhaps it could be because you are still deeply grieving and in shock , therfore you are trying to hold everything in and not actually realise the death?
Have you spoken to many people about how you are feeling and acting
You ask if this is normal?? Well what is normal for others may not be for you, as we all cope with deaths in our own unique way and time

Perhaps in a few weeks or months you may consider seeking bereavement support from your local health service

I hope my message has helped ina small way
Regards keith.