Anybody on here from g71 area in Scotland. Could meet for coffee sometimes jyst to fet out tge house


I am not … but I can attest to getting out of the house to talk to people.
I have isolated for years now but force myself to events, astronomy clubs, public relations mixers, book readings with friends.

I can’t tell you what a huge difference it makes.
Our brains need communing with others. Getting out of the house
is not just a good idea. It impacts survival, especially if you are inside alone.

I hope you find someone or join a group. It does make all of the difference.


Hi Jan271 have you tried to find a local bereavement group near you? I joined one here in North Essex, and it helps a lot. (My neighbour dragged me there.) Everyone in this group has lost someone and we just talk for two hours. Well, we also have cake and coffee. I just wish we would meet more often. - Nick

Hi berit, you are right, we have to go out and meet people. It took me a lot of time to find out. I joined a local a bereavement some months ago and found that it helps a lot to talk to people. I also joined a group of people who want to brush up on their German. - My next step is to join a photography club in the spring. - Nick

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Hi @Jan271, as others have mentioned, there may be a local bereavement group near you you could try?

The AtALoss website is a good place to look. You can select your location. It looks like there are a few near Glasgow which you might want to explore.

I am going to try check put any groups near me .

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good deal. when is ready to rejoin the world, such activities are the best thing.

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