I think many if us can relate to this…time doesn’t really heal does it?..

If last year you were to ask
The worst thing that could be
I would have answered instantly
If you were to leave me

But nightmares really do come true
And on that fateful day
Two short months since you fell ill
My world was blown away

And now my silent scream remains
My agony unheard
In every way I’m unprepared
Each day the noise gets worse

One day at a time they say
I’m trying to comply
But seemingly before my eyes
Another months gone by

I’m told to treasure memories
But these cause so much pain
Each time I see your picture
It burns into my brain

She’ll never leave your heart they say
And that much is so true
But now I’m trapped in stasis
And I don’t know what to do

So how to see your photograph
And hear your sweet refrain
To honour your existence
Re live our life again

To willingly be able to
Contentedly accept
The life we had is over now
To look to what is next

I know you’ll always be with me
I’ll never let you leave
Please help me learn to turn the page
To somehow let me breathe

…love and miss you forever


That is so poignant and beautiful. Thank you.


Another beautiful poem and so very true x


Another heartfelt poem UnityMan and yes time does not seem to heal. I loved the ending when you say ’ Please help me learn to turn the page to somehow let me breathe’. That awful feeling that sometimes just comes over you and you can’t seem to breathe normally is horrendous, especially if you’re out and trying to act normal.
Thank you,