Good Morning All
I lost my Husband of 46 years suddenly and unexpectedly in January. I am functioning back at work being Mum and supporting our 5 grown up kids, but I am feeling so angry right now. Anger is an emotion I never usually feel I very rarely get angry and I dont know how to shake it off. I know its a normal stage of grief but how long does it last :smiling_face_with_tear:

Sorry you are in this club. I too lost my husband in January very suddenly and unexpectedly. I too have spells of anger but I manage to push them aside as I don’t see the point as the anger won’t get me anywhere and won’t bring him back. There’s no time scale on any of these emotions we feel. We just get through each day as best we can.

Thank you for your kind words :heart: I usually can push them aside but not this last week I am struggling. I have tried to put them in a journal to get them out of my head and that does help, but todays a new day I guess
Thank you again xx

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I too have been struggling recently and it’s now 6 months for me. I flit between uncontrollable sobbing and anger. I try and work through each day in the hope that things will start to feel better, and some days are not quite as bad, but then the pain comes back I just let myself deal with it rather than supress it. There is no time scale on what/how we should feel so don’t worry if you have bad days/weeks I have now decided that this is normal. Take care xx

Thank you so much its nice to know this anger is normal although its not pleasant at all. Its a hard journey we are on xxx

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