Helping a partner with bereavement

My husband lost his father back in March 2019 after a brief fight with cancer, which was sudden and very strrssful for all of us (my husband his mum and myself).
I know it’s early days but my husband is struggling so hard with his grief.
I just don’t know how to help him, advice welcome.

hi Jane
just be their for him.i lost my dad in 2006 was very unsetting he had gone in hospital for an operation on is lung but when inside they discovered he had cancer and it was patner Jayne was upset like me as we had been together 15 years at the time.we supported each other.sadly on 10th feb Jayne was taken from me.sorry i just miss and loved her so much.i just think you should support your husband and be there as and when he needs you.

Hi Jane,

So sorry for your loss.

Be led by your husband. Talk about his Dad, mark the milestones, hug him, listen to him. If he needs space let him have space. Light a candle for his Dad.

I know it is hard for spouses, my husband has struggled to support me through my grief. At the end of the day you can only provide the emotional and practical support, the grief is his to come to terms with, and that has to be the most difficult part, wanting to help but not really being able to.

Do you read much? There’s a book called Grief Works and there’s a section on how to support someone who is grieving.

I most appreciate the hug and just being listened to.

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