Her last family outing

I have expressed the history before, our Helen, wife, mother, grandmother, etc, met us at the crematorium, the Pure Cremation Service were exemplary and emphatically professional. 20 minutes sounds short, but 4 tunes and 5 dialogues was really ample. The 8 of us, like exam candidates sat in our spots, at some point I believe we all cried, now its the grieving. Post grief,
Thankyou to all in the previous posts for your support comfort and meaningful words.

You have put that simply but beautifully Colin. Yes, as you say, the grieving begins. You have friends here who understand. Sending you love and strength xx

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Bdy hell Kate either you’re up early or a night dog like me,
Many thanks, deeply appreciate the sentiments

Ha, Colin, like many on here, sleep is still hit and miss for me. I did actually sleep quite well last night but then awoke around 5:30am. Was hoping to have slept in a little longer but it’s not happening. Take care. xx