Here for you

Im here if anyone wants to talk, i lost my mum last year


I lost my mum on 23rd of April this year. Finding life so hard. She was my bestfriend my workd and my life. I am carring on for my daughter but its not getting any easier finding it harder.


im sorry for your loss, i am glad you are carrying on for your daughter, i didnt know your mum but i can imagine she would want you to carry on and enjoy your life, i know its hard. here if you ever need a chat x

Thank you how are you finding ways to cope

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honestly i haven’t found a way to cope im just going day by day, trying to cope with the loss of my mum and also deal with mental health and losing 6 siblings, the day of my mums funeral last year they started on me cos i was a carer for my mum since i was 13 years old and they feel guilty so right now i only have me and my girlfriend.
how are you doing?

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