Hi there anyone out there!

Hi there I’m new to this so please forgive any stupid mistakes!
My husband a young 72 year old died in December last year following a diagnoses of a brain tumour in December last year. Although well supported by two of my children I am finding it more and more difficult to cope. I also have the additional worry of being stuck in the uk because of Covid as I normally live in France.This must seem rather trivial to many of you worse off than me. The issue is I need someone to . me as I have Parkinson’s disease. Please forgive the I hope not the too selfish preamble. Anyone help?

Hi Sarah, it doesn’t seem trivial or selfish. We all have different weird stuff in our lives to deal with as a result of losing our loves.

Is your plan to go back and live in France if Covid allows if you can hire some kind of carer or help? Forgive me for this direct question, if there is no direct answer that’s fine as often I dont have a plan nowadays I just know I am not happy (understatement for us all I am sure!).

I lost my husband in October and I had a panic attack just now about it realising I am super lonely (I’m 40, we hadn’t had kids yet) but there is no person on earth who can comfort me now. I feel selfish because people offer me help and I refuse it, I know others would be glad to have even one of the offers of help I get but my instinct is to become a hermit for some reason now.

I hope you find some help and answers better than mine. Take care!

Hello Rachel, so sorry that your husband died, and I know how you feel as my husband died in June.
As you normally live in France, presumably you’re in their excellent health system. Could you contact someone, your Doctor perhaps who might know of someone who could help you? He or she may be able to get some sort of care package in place for you so you can go home.
I wish you luck. I love France. Hugs, Ann X

Hi Sarah,
I have just sent you a message addressing you as Rachel! I am so sorry. I don’t know where I got that from x

No worries! I réalisé I have misled you all I really meant help how do I cope with being more and more sad so much that I can’t bearctothinkabout him ! Again sorry for misleading you guys

Hi did you get reply?!

Hi there what a kind message fleur. As I said to another kind replier ! I meant help,in coping with his death and how I can only manage it bybnot thinking about him .,
Happily for those who were concerned i have support In France ".

Hello again Sarah,
I realised you needed help and that’s why I suggested France. I wondered if maybe you would find it easier to cope in your French home.
I am finding it really hard to survive after Tony died, and I find it impossible not to think about him. Maybe, not thinking about him would work for you, but I don’t know, as I can’t do it.
I wish you relief from this hell we are all going through.
Whatever you decide, I hope it works for you. Hugs, Ann

Thanks for that ! I cannot get back at present because of the Covid d travel restrictions
If you would feel,ok about it you could tell me a little of your story?