Hi to you all

I lost a friend of mine called Julie on the 19th of March to Cancer I just cannot belive she isn’t here anymore we got on well most of the time she had breast cancer and had a mastectomy done a few years ago which was Sucessfull until a few years ago.

We used to meet up every week or text go out for lunch
Go shopping ect won’t be the same without her anymore.

I have since been in Contact with another friend who s been chatting to me which has been usefull and helpfull.
How do I get over the loss that was unexpected.



Hi Dolphin, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I don’t think there is enough recognition of how painful the loss of a friend can be.
It sounds great that you’re in touch with another friend and that you’re finding that useful. Do you have any mutual friends with Julie that you could perhaps meet up with and talk about your memories of her, then you can support each other?
What about making a scrap book of your memories of her? Just an idea. Whatever helps you is good, but I suppose also realising that it will be slow, and you won’t get over it straight away - allow yourself all of your feelings if you can Xx