His birthday

The first one he won’t be here for he never really counted birthday or selabrated them but here I am sitting outside with a glass of wine at ower table in the garden I opened a can of his favourite beer it was still here could not through it put so I opened it and put it by his seat that was how we would have selabrated together just how it should be but now just me remembering him everyone else semes to have forgotten so I take this Quat time to remember the man that made me life complete. No were ever he is I miss him still and always will the things we did the life we had the lessons we learnt I think about the good and miss the tomorrow that we will not share happy birthday my love no that I am so glad I had you in my life


I am so sorry Cj13 that you are grieving so badly, I find it very touching that you opened a can of his favourite beer. People do not forget, they are so busy getting on with their lives, I suppose our losses slip to the back of their minds, but surely they think about our loved ones at some time and yet, do nothing about it. I suppose I was guilty of that, a long time ago, it is not that they don’t care, life and committments just get in the way.
I hope that you feel better before too long, you have come to the right place for broken hearts.


My partner died 3 and a half years ago and we had the same birthday. I hate my birthday now. I dont open any cards or gifts until a few days afterwards. People are surprised when I say Im sorry I havent opened it yet and I dont feel I can explain why because it sounds like such a gloomy thing when someone has been kind enough to buy something. But its a horrible trigger. Anniversaries suck. I’m so sorry for your loss and that you are going through this. Its a part of life but that doesn’t make it pleasant or easy especually in isolation. You have the right to feel.


Hi 3 months since my husband passed away my son lives at home on Father’s Day we open a can of Carling and put it by his chair I’m dreading birthdays Christmas etc x Sorry for your loss

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Yesterday was my husbands birthday. The first Birthday without him. Although I am very sad my children came to see me so I wouldn’t be on my own. I put a Birthday message on my Facebook page wishing him happy birthday. The messages I received were beautiful. All saying what a lovely man he was. Everything one misses him.
My dear brother died unexpectedly 2weeks ago , from a suspected heart attack. My other brother is terminally ill with prostrate cancer, the same as my husband. He is now on chemotherapy.if he is lucky it will gain him 6 months. Both badly affected by my husbands passing.
I am trying to be strong for my brother and sister and law but cannot she’d any tears. All my tears were for my husband and I don’t feel I can cry any more.
I wanted to go with him but my children have been through enough grief and I can’t make it any worse for them so I tell them I’m ok.

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