His hardly seen relatives want ashes

Hi all my Gary has been gone about a week now we were together 15 years he hardly ever saw his family maybe once a year if that. His mother died 2 months ago and now the sister and father want his ashes scattered with his mum. His mother was married to another man for 40 years and he wants his ashes with her when he passes. This has annoyed me so much, the mothers husband cried when I told him he said no and I say no too, but the. Father and sister want it. I don’t want to argue over it but honestly it all seems a bit too little too late for me

What would YOU like to do with Gary’s ashes?
It’s very early days for you, I would suggest you delay making any rushed decision at the moment and see how you feel in a few months time.


@Pebbles25. I totally get your frustration and you know what your partner would of wanted . The funeral directors can keep some separate for you . I kept my husbands but also had a ring made with his ashes in. Maybe you can do something like that .

Pebbles, I don’t know why but funerals bring out the worst in people and from personal experiences I would say that I would leave it alone until the time is right for you. Make excuses about the ashes and just wait for the right time. It’s to early for you to make any decisions and the family should except that, I don’t think they will but it’s what you want that counts. Take care because you are very vulnerable at present. S xx

My husbands funeral was in march but we are having ashes interned next month but i had similar situation in respect of my husbands family my husband did not get on with his brothers so i put password on funeral director so they had to go through me so i got alot of abuse even from his mother. So in end they did not come to his funeral as because of restrictions i said they would after be on outside because we werent allowed enough no’s on inside so they wanted me to put them above is own children so they went mental when i wouldnt.

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