I’m done I’ve cried, shouted N felty generally shite it so doesn’t helpv😞

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Sending you a hug and a feeling of solidarity. That doesn’t help either but yeah… Hope you get some rest and can feel less shite at least for a bit somehow xx


:heart::heart: here’s hoping

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Dear Mrst1, I agree, I spent the whole of yesterday crying, remembering and looking at photographs, (so much so that my eyes are killing me today) and I managed to sleep through sheer exhaustion and spent. My hubby has been gone 5 months now. On waking up at midday instead of late afternoon, I saw the sun was shining and decided to get dressed (first time in days) and go out. On leaving the house my daughter was arriving so we went to the Park, bought a tea takeaway and a sandwich and sat at a picnic table, I felt so much better, fresh air and it felt good to blow cobwebs away. Then the squirrels kept us amused, in fact one came running up my leg and onto my chest. I was astonished, and it made me laugh. So I have decided I must get out every day, be it for 30 mins or less. I have not been leaving the house for so long now. Not a bad day after a terrible week, take care everyone and bless you all and may your grief lessen as time goes by. (let’s hope). Margarita1


Hi, thank you for your lovely reply x
I have good n bad days and tbh I feel and look like I have aged 20 years in the last 5 months!
The good days are to be cherished, the bad to be endured xx
Sleep well , much love x


Thank you I hope you rest as well, I wish I had had an inkling that this intense grief was to follow on losing our loved ones. I think it should be spoken about more. This might prepare people for what lays ahead. Nite and all the best x Margarita


Hi. Margarita. It reminds me of the story about loss. The occupants of a village were asked to leave their front door open if they had never suffered loss. All the doors were shut!
I doubt anyone has not lost someone, however distant. Death is very much part of life as is birth. Of course it should be discussed more. But if the subject is raised we are accused of being ‘morbid’, whatever that means. Children are brought up with the idea that ‘if it aint fun don’t do it’. Everything has to be fun. But life is so often hard and cruel. We should be educated and told this fact so we are more prepared for what may happen… Fun is fun, and should be allowed, but so should loss be discussed more openly. But, sadly, we live and die without any idea of what may lie ahead beyond the passing. Blessings. John.