Has anyone had to sort out a garage full of your partners “stuff” Mind in a whirl knowing what to do with it all or even knowing what some of it is?
Currently going through a very difficult time with anxiety.

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Hi, yes. I had a shed full of stuff, some was from my husband, some from his father and some more from his father. The metal bits which I decided I would never need went for scrap metal and bought wine which helped with the stress level. I still have loads of stuff and I am hoping to let a local handyman uses in exchange doing odd jobs when I can’t. It’s hard work and not nice. S xx

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Thanks for advice

Jim has a shed full of stuff that I haven’t a clue how to use plus tools that need chargers which I cant find boxes of screws and nails. I sold some of the big stuff like his electric saw I wouldn’t dare use it and the money I got I’m putting towards his headstone. But there’s loads of stuff I just don’t know what to do with. I haven’t even started on his clothes and personal stuff . His watch is still ticking away by his bed. It’s heartbreaking :broken_heart: to see it all but a comfort in another way.


I had to clear a whole garage full of John’s stuff. He was such a hoarder, that when he died, the garage was so full, you could barely get into it! He always thought that he would have lots of time left and everything would come in useful one day/when he retired.
It took me the best part of a year, but I got there in the end. I kept anything which was massively sentimental or useful. Then I gave away or sold his tools that were in good condition. A friend also took away some stuff to be donated to charity shops. Finally, I had to resort to garage/house clearance for the last of it.

Wow. That’s some good advise thanks.

Hi my wife who I only lost 2 half weeks ago was a hoarder. I often told her how I was going to sort through her stuff and get sorted out. Since losing her I now can’t bear to touch it

Thanks Kath
Good advice.