Holding hands forever!

So sorry to hear of the loss of your darling wife. Nothing prepares you for that fateful day. I lost my husband of 53yrs 7 months ago to MND. that day a huge void came into my life and i cant say 7 months on it is any easier.
I try each day to do something positive and then other days grief just overcomes you. Try and remember all the fantastic memories you have and hopefully each day will be a little easier. A hard road to walk.

7 month for me too and its so hard the lonliness is the worst thing xxx

I totally agree that the lonliness is the worst and especially at weekends.

Im in north Yorkshire and not found any support groups here which makes things harder xx

Im in northumberland and neither have i, but im sure we will in time. Take care

There doesn’t always have to be a trigger. Unfortunately these waves of tears and heartbreak just sweep over you, no reason whatsoever, except that your heart is broken.