Holiday so soon after death of wife

I have recently 2 weeks ago lost my wife whom was my world for 43 years, I still have the funeral to come.
My son has invited me to holiday with them at Easter, is it a good idea to throw myself into this, I’m absolutely heart broken but coping.

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Sorry for your loss mad. I know how you feel maybe easter is a bit early to be thinking about going away but on the other hand you will be with your son and it might do you good to get away. There’s no right or wrong thing to do just go with your own feelings only you can decide if it’s the right time or not and I’m sure your son only has your best interests at heart. We booked a holiday before Jim died for this May I can’t get deposit back so have decided to go for just a week instead of two has the deposit covers a weeks stay so may as well go but it will be hard to go without Jim with me . I’m anxious about going will see what happens when I get there.


Thank you kind words

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