Holidays? Do we need them?

Sorry, but Im being philosophical at the moment. Im supposed to be cruising the leeds to liverpool canal at the moment, but instead I’m stuck motionless on the M1, and havent moved for over an hour.

Since Penny died 14 months ago, one of the few quandaries I havent sorted out is:

Do I want a holiday, and why?
What sort of holiday do I want?

Ive already tried motorhome holiday (twice) and glamping in a remote shepherds hut in Wales.

Whilst each holiday was pretty ok, every time I get home I ask myself if it was worth it due to the hard work, time and expense?

I live only 30 mins from my favouritest place in the UK, the Peak District.



Sorry for your loss. I think we all need a holiday its important for our mental health to recharge our batteries. Our loved ones wouldnt want us to be sad and not make some sort of life, yes its hard but we must try. I still go to the holiday park we always went to every year the staff all know me and when i went for first time after losing jim they were so kind and made me feel like part of their big family. Also a lot of the people there are the same every year so you get to know them and always talk to me so i dont feel alone. Maybe if you like company go somewhere where your not just sitting by yourself can you take a family member with you . Visit places you and your wife would have gone and see things for both of you maybe take a picture of your wife with you so she feels close. Hope this helps a little bit. I know it’s not the same but give it a go . Xx

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Hi @Misprint . Sadly my comments decided to post itself before I finished it, hence it might not have made complete sense. The question really is, am I better having seven day trips to the peak.district, or spend about £1000 to go to a place which I might or might not like.
Ive just today started a week on a narrow boat. It took me 5 1/2 hours to drive 60 miles to pick up the boat then on the boat for 1/2 mile and the first swing bridge had been rammed by another boat and was broken, so we are stuck for a while. Not sure this is good for my mental health, but thats only my personal opinion.
– And its raining!


No I don’t think we need holidays. Is it just a means of escape…
My husband and I travelled extensively but now I don’t feel I want to spend money on going to somewhere I might not like anyway. I also live in a lovely part of the country and have everything I need here. Sun, sand and sea along with wonderful walking countryside and the weather isn’t bad either.
I can’t be bothered with all the hassle of travelling now and can’t much see the point plus I would never leave my dogs. I couldn’t cope without them and would worry too much.
I like the idea of a remote shepherds hut though that sounds more my cup of tea.

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Im not sure what this update adds to the discussion, but I’ve just returned from a “,holiday” on a narrowboat, trying to travel along the Leeds to Liverpool canal.
It didnt go as we planned, the canal was blocked for two days because of a swing bridge which was broken.
Then the canal sprang a leak and very quickly started to disappear, and all the boats started grounding, and everybody struggled to move.
So we gave up and came home two days early.
So, as a holiday, it was a failure.
But if I call it an adventure or an expedition, it was a success.

So dont call your trip a holiday, call it an adventure.

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