Holidays? Not much point

I thought I would be able to work through this particular bank holiday, but I go out, see lots of people enjoying themselves and I have to go back in very quickly. As a couple, we would often do something on our breaks, either away or at home, but now, Thursday, all I see is three more days of emptiness until Monday and constantly asking, why? I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this but at these times, especially when there is little support, I feel blooming horrible.


Sorry you’re feeling so lost .It’s tough and like you find Bank holidays hard and see people out and about just re enforces the loss of a loved one. I should have been at my son’s but my grandson has come down with chicken pox leaving a long weekend ahead of me. I volunteer over weekends so will go in as usual on Sat &Sun and am crossing my fingers I get through tomorrow without feeling anxious and weepy. Take care and look after yourself


Thanks. You too.

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Weekends are difficult but long bank holiday ones even worse. Everyone busy with their families out and about. I’ve hardly seen anyone all week apart from my daughter and her husband. Went for a walk today but wasn’t out long knocked on some friends on the way back but they were out. Luckily some other friends across the road were in their garden so spent a nice hour and half with them.
It is such a lonely life now xx


Bless you Barbara today has been long day I went down to the station to book my train for a trip up to Cumbria on Monday . Has a chat with a neighbour on the way back ,not looking forward to tomorrow. Take care x

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Hi Malcolm,

I’m sorry for your loss, over time it’s something you get used to living with, a new life, but the feeling of loss is usually just around the corner.

Your comments struck me, the wanting to get back early. That was also me, whenever I was out with family and friends. Not sure why but I guess for me, Joyce was always at home and that’s where I wanted to be, with her.

I am member of a group called embark2, Apart from forums, they offer not for profit holidays. I’ve made some good friends and your profession is well represented by the members. Some former teachers have had really exciting careers teaching in other countries.
My advice Malcolm, keep going out, its good for you. Jump on a train if you can to visit another town. I remember I did that, spent a day in York. All on my own, though I did enjoy being able to go where I pleased. Fixed ticket and spent an hour our a cup of coffee waiting for my train home.

Best wishes Malcolm.

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Thanks John, sorry for your loss too and thanks for the ideas, I think I will try a day out somewhere.
Best wishes