Hello, I know this probably won’t be a useful message for those looking for hope and encouragement (which is why haven’t posted for a long while now) but I just wonder if anyone feels like me?

I lost my wonderful Dad last March, unexpectedly and suddenly. No goodbye, no chance to make sure he knew I loved him.

Devastation is an understatement. Every aspect of life has fallen apart. I have tried and am trying so hard but nothing is lifting for me. I am about to finish my 4th course of counselling, have also had medication.

I need my Dad, I don’t want the regrets I’m left with. Every day is such a struggle. Anything and everything sets me off - I just don’t know what to do next.

How can some people continue livibg? I need my Dad - I have had no signs even though I hope for them

Thanks for reading… What a horrible mess

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Good morning.

There is simply no way of telling you that we are all different, yet you are here because of how YOU feel about the loss of your dad.

I thought time is a healer , it seems not but it also is so remember that . Not everyone stays in a grief ridden state , the vast majority don’t and find they pain does ease if never leaving but can move onto a new beginning in time ok.

I’m at a very early stage of losing my wife, 6 days but I hold onto the hope that one day I come to terms and start a new little life , albeit on my own .

It’s a scary time for everyone, learn to keep smiling amongst the hurt , don’t let yourself be consumed .
Good luck with your journey

Hi Gee. I think everyone on here felt like you do at first, but we are different in how long it takes to recover. But recovery does happen, but you have be positive about things to make it as short as it can be. Try to be patient.
The best thing I did in the early stages was to accept the grief full on, I let the tears flow, and eventually the grief eased and I healed. No denial that she was gone physically, no shrine to her memory (except in my heart), and I talked about her to everybody who would listen (and to those who didn’t). All the feelings of guilt or regret ebbed away with the grief.
Now, after 3 months I’m pretty happy, my new life is unfolding, although I still think of her often, and the tears swell. But I end every thought like this with a smile at a happy memory.
I can’t spoil 50 years with the girl I loved without a real fight!! She was worth it!!