I spent last night in A +E, had some breathing issues, tonight, come out for a drink, common factor , alone in both, actually the hospital was better, in the pub I am alone, take care people.

Hi Pete,

I’m sorry to hear that you were in the hospital, are you feeling better now?

I know there are a lot of people on this forum who will know what it’s like to feel like you’re alone even when you’re in a busy place.

I hope your night is as good as it can be given the circumstances.

All the best,
Online Community Team

I’m sorry to hear that you ended up in A&E, I hope that you are feeling better now. As for feeling alone, I understand that feeling. I went for a walk around the village that I would normally do with my husband. I felt so alone and despite it being the place we’ve lived in all our lives, it seems different now. Sending hugs

I have a few heart issues, but got the all clear, just tests, and more tests, I walked the corridors of that hospital so many times, it was Shell who was ill,. Tonight I thought, I need to be out, but alone in a corner. I will be okay though.

I am drinking on medication, I am not supposed to drink on , but if I don’t wake up tomorrow, would it be a bad thing.

I have realised, people, generally are so wrapped up in their own lives, they have little time to think about the person, sitting alone in the corner, what is their story, why are they alone, maybe, just, they want, someone to talk to.

Thank you, physically better, emotionally, not really, but tomorrow another day , we keep going, don’t we, in our own way. Thank you, deep respect, stay strong.

Hey Pete, you’re not wrong… I live up a long hill and a couple of years ago during winter… So the paths are quite slippery i could make out someone not moving… Now cars are passing… And people but when I got there it was an elderly woman had slipped on the ice and was sitting on the floor unable to get up… And at least 12 people had past and not battered an eye… I bothered to stop asking if she was in any pain… All she said was she felt embarrassed for falling over… Then a car stopped and a decent guy helped me pick her up… It just amazed me how humans can be so selfish, uncaring and cold that they would rather walk past someone in need then take 5 mins out of there life to help a elderly woman…

But that said also reminds me of the story of a elderly woman helping a homeless man out… Just for him to kill her and Rob her… So I guess some people are afraid to talk/help a stranger…

But yes drinking on medication as you well know isn’t going to help you… And as for your comment if you don’t wake up tomorrow would it be a bad thing…
The answer has to be Yes… There must be someone out there that cares about you that would be devasted if you died…
You lost your shell and for that you have my deepest sympathy… And most of us if honest would happily join them… But we have to go on surviving…live our lives for them and us… I get its easy to spiral to give up… After all we all planned a lifetime of love with our partners and were robbed of that…
I hope Pete you can find some inner strength to carry on make your shell proud of you and help fulfill any dreams she had maybe…
You take care of yourself fella

Thank you reply, and your interest, I spent Thursday in A+E, breathing issues, but I am okay, had a few bad days, but not so bad now. I have new medication, yes I have to take them, or I will be back again, I stopped drinking alcohol, there are people who would miss me, and Shell wouldn’t want me to used give my life up. There must be many who feel like giving up, come close a few times, I have seen the effect of someone dieing, why would I want a needless death. To all who are mourning, stay strong.

Pete, sorry to hear you have them feelings, as I’m sure your not alone in them. But please be strong and make your wife proud. Do the things you had planned, go places you both enjoyed, I know it’s easier said than done at times. I lost my hubby 7 months ago and had them feelings, but how could I put my family through that again after loosing their Dad ? Please reach out when your feeling low, there are people here to listen to you, cos sometimes that’s all we need, apart from our husbands/wife’s and partners back… God Bless and take care x

Sorry, so long in replying, I am still here, still fighting, good days, bad days, had a couple of more visits , to A&E, but just scares, bean talking, and met , a lady, actually of this site, its , fell through, my fault,really, but everyday , a new challenge, trying to find the right path. Never quite right, but it does get a little more bearable.
Take care all