How did people cope before a forum like this?

Here is a story about an old friend of mine and I tend to think had this service been available then, he would still be here. Me and Hector were friends, he older than me, but we had a strange love of mathematics. He joined the merchant navy almost straight from school, jumped ship in Lima, Peru. Eventually got deported back here, a base for the NATO fleet back then. Hector was not a very bonnie boy, he was 5’3” tall quite broad across the shoulders but with a face, I doubt eve his mother loved. But I found a really nice person.
Well Hector fell in love with this older woman, she was buxom, with a really bonnie face, jet black hair and quite a dark complexion, and those dark brown eyes us blue eyed boys just love. Alas they only had a short time time together she got breast cancer and died probably within six months of them getting together.
Poor Hector was distraught. Well one Friday evening , I got of work bus and meet Hector in pub, conversation not about math this time. Hector say he had enough and go to do him self in. What to do ?
I remember someone say suicide illegal, so I said to Hector, come with me and I take to police station. I said to desk sergeant you have to arres this man he is going to commit suicide. The desk man say he can only arrest him after the deed was done. But fair play to him he arrange for hector to see doctor. Doctor convince Hector to go to funny farm. He did he stay for two weeks then sign himself out and hang himself.
But that is not my abiding memory of Hector.
It was of ten years before, like I said NATO fleet quite often visited.
One day big black American marine (at least 6’4” and built like brick shithouse) strutting down the street like John Wayne. He picked Hector up and put him to side saying β€œ Out ma way maggot”
Hector look back and up to him. Then he do judo move on him and lay the poor bugger flat on his back. Hector black belt in judo. I never forget the look on that poor fellows face. Just before Hector apply coup de grace and knock him clean out. I think if an organisation like this was here then Hector would still be here and the world would be a better place for it.
I don’t what category this belongs but thought funny, sad and just plain weird.
Long may your lumb reek.

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Oh you tell stories in a lovely warm way.Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you. I insane with grief. I thought previous traumas in life would insulate one from grief but it does not seem to work that way. But I glad their people like you in world who care. I think the only positive experience I will take from this is that. Thanks again.